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About Me

I grew up in Idaho and was raised together with 7 siblings by 2 amazing parents. Our family enjoyed camping, fishing, skiing, and exploring the outdoors. We grew up together, played games, attended church, and ate family dinners every night. Our parents helped us build bonds with each other that are strong to this day.

I took an interest in computers when I was young. I also enjoyed electronics, and took apart a lot of toys and machines as a child to see how they worked. My father was an electrical contractor, and had a garage full of wire and electrical parts, and I used to play in there a lot, and try to build robots and tinker with various tools and equipment. I remember watching my older brothers write computer programs in (q)Basic, and I would learn from them and read their code.

I’ve always been good with money. I did many small business ventures as a child, like selling snow cones, lemonade, fireworks, scones, mowing lawns, and teaching guitar lessons. For a few years, I would build spook alleys in the back yard, hang up posters all over town, and charge admission at the entrance. I love dreaming and building. Its one of the most enjoyable ways I choose to spent time, even to this day.

In High School, I invested a lot of time into music. I played guitar in the jazz band and drums in the marching band. I also played with a drum line at a nearby university all 4 years of high school, and I really thought I was going to play drums as a profession. It was a big part of my teenage years. I studied abroad in Cairo, Egypt my junior year of high school, with an emphasis on Arabic studies. I loved it!

I worked in construction during summers, for my fathers electrical contracting company. Mostly residential houses and apartments, and some commercial buildings. I learned more construction trades after buying a fixer upper house when I was 18. It had sat vacant for many decades, and was not livable. I spent the summer repairing it, and making it livable. I learned how to drywall, paint, plumb, frame, roof, pour concrete and more. When it was finished, I sold it and made a good amount of money.

After high school, I moved to Berlin, Germany for two years, to volunteer as a church missionary. I studied German and became fluent. I grew a lot over these two years. I had leadership opportunities and developed lasting friendships.

I was 21 years old when I returned home from Germany. I took a job as a welder fabricator and spent the money I earned on flight school to become a pilot. I also attended university, studying aircraft mechanics and aviation management for a little while, but I was not convinced that a degree would add any value to my life, and chose spend my time in other ways instead.

I took a two week real estate course, passed an exam, and become a licensed Realtor! I bought more fixer upper houses, and became more efficient at repairing and selling them and making a profit. I also got pretty good at deal structuring and finance, especially creative finance. I remember buying one house entirely on credit cards on an 18 month Zero percent interest promotion, giving me enough time to do repairs and get the whole thing refinanced!

I met the love of my life in my mid 20s. We made a great team, and would eventually marry and have 3 beautiful children. We kept doing the house flipping, even with the family, sometimes traveling across the country to fix up and live in a home before selling it. We would always make our way back to Idaho, and by my early 30s we had decided to settle down here.

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